Need a slave? I'm your wench.
The name's Ayesha. Drop me an ask? Full time gamer and cunt. person(s) behind you

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Hi I need slave


do I know you?

Hey snapchat


Hey it’s no

I want a slave


Um wat



again this giveaway is legit bc i cant sell this on ebay bc i have no serial # and i dont wanna give it to my
gold digger family
so yeah basically 

mbf niallgars 
reblog this as many times as u like
ill ship everywhere except asia bc it didnt work 
thats why i gotta do this again 
so yeah msg me if you have any concerns and etc

yeah picking soon like this week so hurryyyy
My beautiful boyfriend 

I can’t wait to go to London ComicCon!

Going as a female Deathstroke c:

My designs for the costume will go up soon!


Hey guys, I’m looking at the registration for meetups at london expo, and i need some numbers. Like or reblog if you want to come!

Care for the world and it will care for you back

in college
college sucks

Life update:

I’ve moved out

Getting an apprenticeship in Graphic Design

And I’m 17 tomorrow

Not even excited

Hi guys, I’m back!

And in college

College sucks

I was captured by storm troopers! I poked their butt with my gun and they caught me :c
My Harley Quinn outfit for comic con!

Rob’s just been round

I love spending every minute with him

Yet it’s like time stops at the same time

Like I’m in his arms forever

And it’s super great